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MISSIONline breakMainly Marketing & Design is dedicated to generating effective, profitable marketing services for our clients. In addition, we strongly believe in a ‘no surprises’ business arrangement with our clients. Our Basic Business Charter provides additional detail on our background and operating philosophy.

line breakCHARTER
Mainly Marketing & Design Provides
Consulting, Marketing, Communications, Web and Advertising Services

We produce materials based on proven principals while developing and implementing innovative approaches. We can undertake one job at a time, work on a project basis, or as an integral part of your marketing team.

The principals of Mainly Marketing & Design have extensive experience in graphic design, web design and maintenance, logos, promotion materials design and development, publication design and production, package goods, sales tools, point-of-purchase materials, technical, business-to-business and consumer communications.

Our primary focus is to provide the materials and media that best meets our clients’ needs and goals. This marketing focus has resulted in catalogs, newsletters, sell sheets, market umbrellas, bar coasters, websites, magazines, mailers, magazine and newspaper advertising. .

A key advantage we offer our clients is our “up front pricing” approach. While this approach varies based on the project, it consists of a written price quote covering all dimensions of a project or job including payment and delivery schedules. This provides our customers with realistic expectations and costs, eliminating budget surprises often found in “work estimates.”

Mainly Marketing & Design develops positioning plans for both new and mature products. We often work as consultants on mature products or services that require ‘repotting’.  We have initiated, conceptualized and been instrumental in many successful, product specific publishing supplements and advertorials-both as one-time projects and as on-going efforts.

Client types and experience:

• Marketing support for a regional micro brewing firm
• Production of Non-Profit Magazine
• Monthly production of a vintage radio publication
• Complete promotion and support for an association seminar and trade show
• Chamber of Commerce websites, design and maintenance
• Catalogs and sales tools for a promotional products marketing firm
• Production and advertising sales for a medical association newspaper
• A Real Estate Association newspaper
• Water district newsletters and websites
• Production and ad sales for Local Chamber of Commerce Newsmagazines
• Production and ad sales for a local engineering association Newsletter
• Water Pollution Control District Newsletters and web sites
• Sales promotion tools and ‘house” ads for business-to- business publications
• A distributor of electrical/lighting/smart-home products
• An international manufacturer of precision motion products.
• A computer storage products publication newsletter
• A national luxury yacht distributor
• A Horizontal Directional Drilling contractor
• Local restaurants and retailers promotion, menus and marketing.

Mainly Marketing also produces its own publication, the Port Washington Calendar of Events. We do the editorial gathering and input, advertising sales, layout, printing and distribution.

As a result of our diverse clientele we have established relationships with a variety of vendors including printers, promotional specialties and media organizations.

Our involvement with the various newspapers and newsletters includes design, writing the copy and/or packaging the client’s editorial input… copyediting as agreed. In some instances we handle the full production through printing and in others we only do production and in others we are responsible for mailing the publication.

We have the various postal permits necessary for First Class, Standard Mail, Bulk Mailing and Business Reply Services. Mainly Marketing maintains a subscription and equipment for CASS Certification and ink jet addressing. This allows us to gain the best possible postal rates and deliveries.

Following are a number of pages reflecting additional services and information on Mainly Marketing. Certainly rates are an important factor for consideration, and we will be happy to provide a detailed pricing schedule upon request.

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line breakServices Group

During the development of Mainly Marketing, the need for specialty direct sales contacts and fulfillment services generated the Mainly Marketing & Design Services Group.

Services includes telemarketing sales on print and web advertising in specialty publications: Home Theater, Computer, Medical, Real Estate, and Chamber of Commerce, among others.

Mainly Marketing & Design Services Group also provides specialty fulfillment services. This includes filling requests from our clients’ customers, branches and/or member companies for newsletters, promotion materials and merchandise.

The Mainly Marketing & Design Services Group has done fulfillment of mail and telephone orders for specialty items like CD-ROMS and newsletters.

We have up-to-date addressing and mailing systems in-house with CASS Certification and the ability to address directly on most paper finishes including Aqueous Coated Stock.

We can accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover and AMEX credit cards, cash or checks in your name and remit directly to you for clearance, or use our credit card facilities and accounts to individually approve and fulfill orders immediately… reporting and reconciling with you on an agreed upon frequency.

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line breakHow We Do Business At Mainly Marketing

Contact Reports

Experience has shown us that a written confirmation and clarification of meetings and/or conferences provides the best assurance that we understand your desires and requirements, and that we fulfill them with minimum "redo’s" and/or confusion.

Our method for accomplishing this is our “Contact Report.”

Following most meetings or conferences we provide our clients with one of these Contact Reports. This Report itemizes each of the topics discussed, the how each subject was resolved, who has obligations for following up “ACTION ITEMS”, and the expected time frame for each item to be accomplished. 

We invite our clients to correct, critique or clarify any point they wish when they receive their Contact Report.  Our next meeting often begins with a review of the items on the previous Contact Report and their status.

This simple process clarifies expectations and obligations and is a great assistance towards accomplishing our clients’ goals effectively, efficiently and timely.

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line breakHow We Charge For Our Services

We work and operate in a number of ways; each designed to accommodate the needs, budgets, interest and comfort level of our clients.

  1. Design and Marketing project costs are often based on “time and materials”. Our inside charges vary by the type of service performed and the level of expertise and personnel required for accomplish the job.

  2. All-inclusive flat rate: By Quote

  3. Inside flat rate plus “Out of Pocket”: Quote provided covering all “inside” costs such as copy, design, concept art, etc. up to, but not including outside art, photos, and other items normally  considered "out of pocket." These will be billed to the client at cost plus a service fee.

  4. Printing is billed by quote, normally incorporating a service fee depending on the complexity, volume, and the required monitoring and management time.

  5. The client can choose to pay outside vendors directly or through Mainly Marketing. However, if Mainly Marketing.does the search, selection and/or evaluation of the vendor, and/or monitors, manages the run, a service fee will be charged.

  6. Where excess changes or alterations and/or rush charges are experienced, Mainly Marketing will consult with the client on additional charges prior to incurring those charges.

  7. Media advertising: Some media automatically provide an agency commission (built into their rate structure). Others have elected to eliminate the agency commission structure completely. In those cases Mainly Marketing will mark up the charges by the standard 17.67%.

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line breakHow We Bill For Our Services

On quotes up to $2000, Mainly Marketing bills in two parts...on inception and at delivery. Payment is expected promptly...within 15 days, unless other arrangements are made in advance.

On quotes in excess of $2000, Mainly Marketing bills in three installments: at inception, at 30 days (or mid point in the agreed schedule) and upon completion. Payment is expected promptly...within 15 days, unless other arrangements are made in advance.

Mainly Marketing accepts VISA, Master Card, Discover and AMEX for all services except postage

Mainly Marketing & Design’s tax Identification Number is 26-2221235.
Our business banker is Wachovia at 1029 Main Street, Port Washington, NY, 11050.

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line breakWhose Material Is It Anyway?

Probably no other issue concerns marketers and their creative vendors more than this simple question.

In times past, the answers were relatively simple: The art remained with the agency and the film belonged to the client.  In effect the client paid for the result of the creative but did not own the creative expertise it took to get to the finished product.

We know that this wasn’t always that simple and, coming from extensive involvement in  publishing, we know that there were many creative scenarios worked out to resolve these issues.

The difficult part is that these discussions always seemed to develop as a relationship was already strained.   This didn’t make for a very pretty picture.

Complicating this issue is the advent of computer systems, graphics and electronic files/output directly to commercial printers and/or Print on Demand facilities.

The advertiser/marketer can make a case for having paid for “The Disk” and it is “theirs.”

On the other hand, when a CD-ROM, DVD or other electronic format containing the complete file is transmitted to the advertiser, publication or printer it contains not only the finished product but the creative and mechanical expertise that was used in developing the final product.  Call this personal knowledge, embedded expertise or whatever. It exists and is real.

Our solution is relatively simple...It is based on up-front discussions and agreements.  We firmly believe that an up-front discussion of possible uses and applications of our efforts and the clients’ expectations is more positive and useful that arbitrary rules.

Absent those discussions, however, we maintain ownership of our creative processes and systems. We supply files for all agreed upon uses, but do not ‘turn over’ our files for reworking by others.

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line breakGoals To Successful Client Service

LISTEN before talking and acting

KNOW our client’s company and industry

BE PASSIONATELY SUPPORTIVE of our client’s product or service

MANAGE expectations, DELIVER on promises

BE available, RESPOND quickly, MEET deadlines

LEAD the relationships, ANTICIPATE events, DEVELOP new ideas

WORK as a seamless TEAM

COMMUNICATE often ...internally and externally

BILL accurately, clearly and promptly


BE ETHICAL in all we say and do

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